Vienna Stock Exchange: Future Forum

The Vienna Stock Exchange is looking forward: How will the economy and society develop in the coming decades? How can we contribute to shaping the future? In our Future Forum, national and international experts, visionaries and scientists will regularly discuss innovation, change and their vision of the economy of the future.

IPO: A fitness boost for companies

In the roundtable on 28 November 2023 experts discussed key success factors in the IPO journey, shedding light on the benefits of a listing as well as the positiv impact of heightened transparency and increased public attention. Panelists: former Gerald Grohmann, CEO SBO, Markus Kirchmayr, CFO AUSTRIACARD, Michael Pistauer, Co-CEO/CFO Montana Aerospace (owner ASTA), Christoph Boschan, CEO Wiener Börse. Moderation: Jeannine Hierländer, Deputy Head of Economic Department, Die Presse.

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From hidden to champion – Why companies should not be scared of going public

The roundtable on 23 November 2022 focused on the benefits & challenges of the stock exchange listing and why companies should not be afraid of transparency & publicity. Panelists: Regina Prehofer, Member of the Supervisory Board (AT&S, Wienerberger), Robert Machtlinger, CEO FACC, Felix Strohbichler, CFO Palfinger, Christoph Boschan, CEO Wiener Börse, Moderation: Jakob Zirm, Deputy Head of Economic Department, Die Presse.

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Looming loss of prosperity – time to act for state & citizens

In this Future Forum's edition, Gerd Kommer, wealth manager & author and Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, explore the question of how more people can benefit from high equity returns and why the German-speaking countries need to catch up in terms of investment culture.

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ESG talk: How sustainable companies raise capital on the stock exchange

At the ESG roundtable, in cooperation with Brutkasten, SMEs are demonstrating how the stock exchange can act as source of financing for sustainable business models and what opportunities and challenges ESG ratings bring with them. Panelists: Christoph Boschan, Wiener Börse, Peter Werth, Wolftank Group, Lukas Scherzenlehner, CLEEN Energy, Katharina Schönauer, KPMG, Moderation: Sara Grasel, Brutkasten

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De-growth: A misunderstanding turns into a political agenda

In his article, Christian Helmenstein, Chief Economist of the Federation of Austrian Industries, comments on the academic as well as socio-political movement that gathers under the keywords "de-growth", "zero growth" or "post-growth economics".

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ETFs and ESG engagement: two investment trends spotted

Valérie Baudson, CEO of Amundi, and Sean Hagerty, Managing Director of Vanguard Europe – two managers of major institutional investors in Austrian stocks – share their views on the roles of stock exchanges and the impact the financial industry has on the socio-economic development.

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From World Savings to World Investment Day: Interview Bernd Spalt & Christoph Boschan

Bernd Spalt and Christoph Boschan discuss the time-honoured saving culture in German-speaking countries and the dilemmas that have arisen from this. Future challenges can be better met through a strong capital market.

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Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen Rings Stock Exchange Bell for 250th Anniversary

On 2 September 1771 was the first trading day on the Vienna Stock Exchange after Empress Maria Theresa initiated the founding of the national stock exchange ten years earlier. A quarter of a millennium later, on 2 September 2021, Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen, descendant of Maria Theresa, ceremoniously opened the trading day with the stock exchange bell.

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Panel Discussion: Blockchain in the Financial World – Revolution or Hype?

In the panel discussion, in cooperation with Brutkasten, we focus on the latest technological developments and their potential areas of use in the financial world. Panelists: Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger, Board Member OeKB & Deputy Chairwoman Supervisory Board of Wiener Börse, Alfred Taudes, Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and economist Stefan W. Schmitz, moderated by Sara Grasel, Editor-in-Chief of Brutkasten.

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Voices from the Market

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary, we have bundled voices from the market to look towards the future together.The success story of the Vienna Stock Exchange and those of our listed companies and partners are closely linked. We look forward to continuing to join forces for sustainable growth and innovation in the future.

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Jim Rogers congratulates on the 250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers congratulates on the 250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In 1985 he recognized the high potential of the Austrian capital market.

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Mini-Documentary: From the Trading Floor to the Network – 250 Years Vienna Stock Exchange

In the mini-documentary, historian Peter Eigner talks about the significance of the founding of the Vienna Stock Exchange 250 years ago and takes us to historical stock exchange locations in Vienna. Heike Arbter recounts the introduction of computer trading to the fully electronic trading system. CEO Boschan emphasises the international network and the importance of the national exchange for Austrian companies.

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Rich Lesser, CEO BCG: Shareholder value and ESG criteria go hand in hand

Rich Lesser, CEO of Boston Consulting Group, congratulates on the 250th anniversary and emphasizes the importance of social and environmental engagement.

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Live discussion: Innovation Made in Austria – Financing the Industry of the Future

On 5 May 2021 CEOs discussed live on the topic: „Innovation Made in Austria – Financing the Industry of the Future“. Panelists: Christoph Boschan, Wiener Börse, Andreas Gerstenmayer, AT&S, Sabine Herlitschka, IV Vice President and Infineon Technologies Austria an Georg Kopetz, TTTech Auto AG, Moderation: Rainer Nowak, „Die Presse“

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Live event: Becoming a Global Player through the Stock Exchange – Pioneers then & now

On 29 April 2021, listed companies talked about their success strategies and discuss why more equity capital is a way out of the crisis. Panelists: Robert Holzmann, Governor OeNB, Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis, Eva Prieschl-Grassauer, CSO Marinomed, Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO PORR, Christoph Boschan, CEO Wiener Börse.

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250 Years Vienna Stock Exchange - A Quarter of a Millennium of Securities Trading in Austria

In our panel discussion, moderated by journalist Anneliese Rohrer, the historian Clemens Jobst and CEO Christoph Boschan discussed the changing role of the Vienna Stock Exchange through the ages.

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Live Talk with Didier Sornette & Monika Rosen-Philipp

On 4 March 2021 we focused on the venture of predicting the future. In the livestream event, Professor and Risk Scientist Didier Sornette and Analyst Monika Rosen discussed the topic "Predicting the future | Uncertainty beyond crisis".

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Congratulatory Message from Austria's President Opens Anniversary Year

The anniversary year 2021 is opened with a video message from Austria's President Alexander Van der Bellen, who congratulates on the 250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange at the beginning of January

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