The T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface (T7 EOBI) provides the entire visible order book, by publishing information on each individual order and quote side, along with executions and state information in real-time and in an un-netted manner. The interface is available for a selected group of derivatives market benchmark products and all cash market products  and provides an alternative to recipients of the T7 Enhanced Market Data Interface (T7 EMDI).

Though most of the functional concepts used are similar to those of T7 EMDI, the interface provides greater transparency and efficiency, together with a high throughput at minimal latency. The T7 EOBI disseminates public market data with the following features: 

  • A full order depth feed; there is no depth restriction
  • Information is sent in form of fixed-length binary messages
  • Intelligent packing of messages into a datagram by including repetitive entities only once in a message
  • Utilization of the widely adopted FIX standard to decrease integration efforts and on-going support costs
  • Corresponding reference data information is available via the existing T7 Reference Data Interface (T7 RDI) and the T7 Reference Data Files (T7 RDF)
  • Dissemination of incremental messages (following state changes) and all Snapshot messages follow a publishing in sequence based on:

1. Side (bid first, offer second)
2. Price (best price first)
3. Time (highest time-priority first)

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