Connectivity fees

Since the introduction of the electronic trading system Wiener Börse AG implemented a fair and non-discriminatory connectivity fee structure. There are a broad range of connectivity options to the trading system which fulfil all requirement needs. Due to usage of the Xetra® system operated by Deutsche Börse it is possible to select either direct connectivity option by means of Deutsche Börse access points and proprietary interfaces of the trading system as well as indirect connectivity via Wiener Börse AG as ASP (Authorized Service Provider). In case of indirect connectivity members may also use a standard FIX interface (CEESEG FIX) and advanced GUI solution (CEE Trader) provided by Wiener Börse AG.

The respective price list can be found here: direkt connectivity & indirect connectivity.

Co Location Services

Wiener Börse AG markets are using the Xetra® trading system operated by Deutsche Börse and hosted in Equinix datacenter in Frankfurt. Therefor Wiener Börse AG offers also Co Location Services to the trading members in cooperation with Deutsche Börse and Equinix.

The datacentre fees for Co Location Service (Packs and Power, Add on Services, Hand on) are outlined here:

Prices for Equinix Co Location Services (Racks and Power, Add on Services, Hands On) 

The Wiener Börse AG fees for Co Location services can be found in the fee schedule for direkt connectivity