Non-discretionary policies - administrative fees

WBAG acting as an APA shall publish non-discretionary policies on cancellation and amendment in trades. These policies contain the handling of amendments and cancellations of incomplete or erroneous reported transactions by WBAG by order of the customer. WBAG will charge penalties as set out below for amending or cancelling incomplete or erroneous reported transactions:

  • If reported data is obviously wrong or incomplete, it will be rejected and the customer himself has to correct or complete and send it again. This is free of charge.
  • Should a customer experience extraordinary circumstances (IT outage on customer side or similar where customer cannot correct or complete) then WBAG will manually edit (correct or cancel) the transaction and charge EUR 50 * per manual action. These penalties have to be non-discriminatory.
  • In case the WBAG system experiences a (partial) outage, the client may also ask WBAG for an on behalf transaction amendment or cancellation. This is of course free of charge.
  • As additional service WBAG can also enter new transactions on order of the customer. In this case WBAG will also charge EUR 50 * per entered transaction.

* Prices: no VAT included

Customer can place orders via phone on the IT Helpdesk (+43-1-53165-170) of Wiener Börse AG and are obliged immediately , however not later than 17:30, to e-mail the orders in written form by using the TTR® II OBOT standard form to the  IT Helpdesk it_helpdesk(a) Please note that Wiener Börse AG can only offer this service to the extent that is organizationally possible.

TTR® II OBOT standard form