Downstream systems cover those areas and processes, which follow after trading.

Index Factory

The in-house solution of the Vienna Stock Exchange calculates more than 80 benchmarks in real-time. Daily, up to five million calculations are performed. Benchmarks are not only computed for own requirements but also for customers as "customized indices" and also for cooperation exchanges.

Data Distribution System ADH

Alliance Data Highway (ADH) collects market data from the trading systems, from the index factory and also from further external sources. ADH transforms the data into a consolidated format (ADH TIP format) and provides it via an interface in real-time. On average, more than eight million market data updates are distributed per day via the high-performance infrastructure in real-time to customers worldwide.

Market Surveillance System ALAMO

Alarm Monitor (ALAMO) is an in-house solution developed by the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is used to analyse the market behaviour of trading members. The flexible definition of filters allows the detection of irregularities, which can be retraced in detail. If necessary the required supervisory measures are taken.