Looming loss of prosperity – time to act for state & citizens

Gerd Kommer, wealth manager & author, and Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange agree: it is time to act. Citizens and the states of Germany and Austria are otherwise threatened with loss of prosperity. Check out this edition of the Future Forum and join the two stock exchange experts in exploring the question of how more people can benefit from high equity returns and why the German-speaking countries need to catch up in terms of investment culture. History, society's view of entrepreneurship, but also the contribution-financed pension system have an impact on the low equity ratio and market capitalisation when compared to the rest of the world. Yet the figures are clear. An overview of inflation-adjusted returns shows: With the asset class stocks, investors earn the highest returns in the long term. After all, thanks to the YouTube revolution and ETF savings plans, the entry barriers nowadays are lower than ever before.

Video of the discussion between Gerd Kommer & Christoph Boschan (in German)

Gerd Kommer, wealth management and author

"In the long run, I make twice as much money in stocks than in real estate and seven to eight times as much as in a savings account."