ESG talk: How sustainable companies raise capital on the stock market

The capital market is an essential lever when it comes to transforming our economy into a CO2-free future. To accelerate the implementation, large amounts of capital are needed for investments. The stock exchange plays an important role in activating as much private capital as possible for this transformation. At the ESG roundtable in cooperation with Brutkasten, two Austrian SMEs are demonstrating how sustainable business models can be financed and what advantages a stock exchange listing provides. Furthermore, opportunities and challenges of ESG ratings and sustainability reporting are addressed.


Christoph Boschan, CEO Wiener Börse
Peter Werth, CEO Wolftank Group
Lukas Scherzenlehner, CEO CLEEN Energy 
Katharina Schönauer, Sustainability Expert KPMG


Sara Grasel, Editor-in-Chief Brutkasten

Video of the panel talk on the topic of ESG (in German)

Peter Werth, CEO Wolftank Group

"Without taking the step to go public as a small Tyrolean medium-sized company, we would not be in the position we are today."