Live Stream Event: Predicting the Future | Uncertainty Beyond Crisis

In the livestream event on 4 March 2021, Professor and Risk Scientist Didier Sornette and Analyst Monika Rosen discussed the topic whether and how crises can be predicted, moderated by Financial Journalist Matthias Wabl.

Major challenges and crises have often seemingly come out of the blue. However, our knowledge of complex systems is increasing. From the financial crisis to corona crisis, what are the lessons to be learnt? How can companies and investors prepare for the future and navigate uncertainty?

Recording of the live event:

Didier Sornette, Professor and Risk Scientist, ETH Zurich

"The corona crisis and enormous fiscal stimuli have accelerated the virtue signalling of a desired transition to a carbon free world. This obfuscates the reality of physics, thermodynamics, economics, engineering and demographics, as well as probably more acute and important issues such as large scale pollution and global extinctions of ecologies needed for our survival."

Monika Rosen-Philipp, Head of Research, UniCredit Bank Austria AG

"Buy the rumor, sell the fact – is one of the oldest sayings on Wall Street. The markets anticipate developments and can therefore be considered one of the best forecast mechanisms around. But of course they can also be wrong, otherwise there never would be anything close to a correction. Everything that is happening in the real world is also reflected in the stock market. From crises to current trends, we need to look no further than the markets."