In our press kit you will find all content, info graphics and images related to the 250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange. From the anniversary logo and the timeline to photos of trading today and historical images. The files can be downloaded individually or collectively as a ZIP file. 

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Image Material

250 Years Vienna Stock Exchange

The history of the Vienna Stock Exchange as a timeline.

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Anniversary logo

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UNIQA Tower in anniversary look.
© Wiener Börse/Nik Pichler

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UNIQA Tower with anniversary look.
© Wiener Börse/Nik Pichler

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Historical locations of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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Vienna Stock Exchange in transition.

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Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen rings the stock exchange bell.
© Wiener Börse/Alexander Felten

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Andrea Herrmann, Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen, Christoph Boschan.
© Wiener Börse/Alexander Felten

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Historical Images

Founding charter 1761 by Maria Theresa.
Source: Österr. Staatsarchiv, AVAFHKA, SUS 186.1 Wiener Börse, Gründungspatent von Maria Theresia

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Vienna Stock Exchange charter of 1771.
Source: Österr. Staatsarchiv

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Trading floor in the old stock exchange building.

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Vienna Stock Exchange quotation list from 1771.

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The first share of OeNB from 1819.
Source: Money museum of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

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