Xetra® T7 EMDI is one of the three interfaces that Xetra T7 uses for public market and reference data distribution via UDP multicast. This interface provides un-netted market data. The updates of the order book are delivered for all order book changes up to a given level; all on-exchange trades are reported individually.

The Xetra® T7 EMDI provide the following information to the participants:

  • Price level aggregated order book depth and trade statistics 1
  • Product and instrument states
  • Quote requests and cross requests
  • Information on newly created complex and flexible instruments (derivatives only)

Xetra®T7 EMDI publishes market data information following FIX 5.0 SP2 semantics and is a FAST 1.23 encoded interface. If any messages are lost, complete recovery is possible because every message is published on two identical services (A and B) with different multicast addresses (live-live concept). In the unlikely case that a message is lost on both services, participants can take advantage of the respective snapshot messages and rebuild the order book.

Xetra® T7 EMDI does not offer any layout-level backward compatibility feature between two releases, and within the lifetime of a release T7 reserves the right to change the behavior of some fields in the different layouts.

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