Short overview of the advantages and the scope of the APA solution of Wiener Börse AG, TTR® II:

  • Standardized solution for all MiFID II transparency requirements for all asset classes
    • Post-trade reporting for OTC transactions will be mandatory through an "Approved Publication Arrangement" (APA)
    • Additionally, pre-trade reporting will be required for "Systematic Internalizers" (SI) – possible through an "Approved Publication Arrangement" (APA) 
  • Multi-client capability
  • Input data validation (ESMA database)
  • Business logic (Automatic delayed publication, SI status, duplicate reporting)
  • Anonymized data distribution via Wiener Börse AG's data dissemination infrastructure (ADH) and optional FIX data feed
  • Provision of a Web-GUI for easy manual data entry and report access 
  • Provision of a standardized FIX 4.4 interface for automated data entry and validation
    • Either direct "TTR II® FIX" interface or via CEESEG FIX
    • Physical connection via private network (leased line) or VPN
  • Standardized customer reports
  • Wiener Börse AG as neutral provider of a flexible service
  • Core operation time 07:30 – 19:00 (on trading days of Wiener Börse AG and BSE, LJSE, PSE, ZSE)
  • Extended operation with real-time monitoring takes place in the period from 19:00 to 23:00

Connectivity options

The following connectivity options for TTR® II will be available: 

  • Leased Line
  • site-2-site VPN
  • Internet (Web-GUI)

15-minutes delayed display of TTR II data in machine readable format

OTC data, which is reported via TTR II, is displayed on our website: 

Additionally the data is also provided in machine readable format as csv-file for download. Please use the grey button "Download (CSV-File)" in order to download the file. It contains all current transactions of the day, which have been published until the moment of downloading the file, 15 minutes delayed.  

Handling of conflicts of interest 

More information (German only)