Short overview of the advantages and the scope of the APA solution of Wiener Börse AG, TTR® II:

  • Standardized solution for all MiFID II transparency requirements for all asset classes

    • Post-trade reporting for OTC transactions will be mandatory through an "Approved Publication Arrangement" (APA)
    • Additionally, pre-trade reporting will be required for "Systematic Internalizers" (SI) – possible through an "Approved Publication Arrangement" (APA) 

  • Multi-client capability
  • Input data validation (ESMA database)
  • Business logic (Automatic delayed publication, SI status, duplicate reporting)
  • Anonymized data distribution via Wiener Börse AG's data dissemination infrastructure (ADH) and optional FIX data feed
  • Provision of a Web-GUI for easy manual data entry and report access 
  • Provision of a standardized FIX 4.4 interface for automated data entry and validation

    • Either direct "TTR II® FIX" interface or via CEESEG FIX
    • Physical connection via private network (leased line) or VPN

  • Standardized customer reports
  • Wiener Börse AG as neutral provider of a flexible service
  • Operation time 07:30 – 19:00 (on trading days of Wiener Börse AG and BSE, LJSE, PSE, ZSE)

Connectivity Options

The following connectivity options for TTR® II will be available: 

  • Leased Line
  • site-2-site VPN
  • Internet (Web-GUI)

TTR® II Team
T +43 1 531 65-163


Folgende Anbindungsarten werden für TTR® II zur Verfügung stehen: 

  • Leased Line
  • site-2-site VPN
  • Internet (Web-GUI)