The ATX family of indices is made up exclusively of indices with Austrian constituents. The ATX, the leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange, includes constituents of the highest liquidity and capitalization in the Austrian capital market, while the ATX Prime, a classic sector index, contains securities listed on the prime market. ATX Five reflects the five strongest shares and thus the corporations that make up most of the trading volume. IATX features real estate securities listed on the prime market. The WBI is the oldest index of the Vienna Stock Exchange, an all-share index that has been calculated since 1967.

The indices of the Central, Eastern and Southeastern European region are amongst the core competences of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In addition to individual country indices, the Vienna Stock Exchange also offers regional indices according to the CECE principle.

The CECExt, consisting of the CECE Composite Index and the SETX covers nearly all Eastern European capital markets and thus allows for wide diversification. Sector indices are meant to highlight the development of individual industries.  

The Vienna Stock Exchange is among the most active vendors of indices based on the markets of the CIS region.
KTX and KTX local are tradeable indices for Kazakhstan, one of the largest countries in the region.

With the Theme- & Style Indices, the Vienna Stock Exchange answers the increased demands on indices made by the international marketplace. VÖNIX and CECE SRI focus on the subject of ecology and, following strict guidelines, combines in an index the best companies operating in that area. The Short Indices allow investors to bet on falling stock prices. In the fundamental indices the index constituents are weighted according to certain fundamental ratios. The Top Dividend Indices consist of the companies with the highest dividend yield.

The continously changing environment in international financial markets needs special, tailormade index solutions that fit the needs of different investment professionals. The Vienna Stock Exchange, as a strong and reliable partner offers its clients quick and easy access to more than 20 years of experience of index calculation expertise and in the CEE & CIS region. Clients profit from high quality standards and the service oriented approach of the Vienna Stock Exchange.According to the different requirements, indices are designed, calculated and/or disseminated exclusively on demand of our clients.

The way from the idea to the index launch follows a clear five step process:

The key benefits are:

  • High flexibility
    The Vienna Stock Exchange provides custom index solutions that precisely match the needs of clients – regardless of the index methodology or    flexible delivery options desired.
  • Expertise
    Index solutions created together with index specialists result in reliable and competitive indices. The wide range of different indices of   the Vienna Stock Exchange – broad market indices, short indices, fundamental indices, sustainable indices – demonstrate the high versatility   of the Vienna Stock Exchange’s index development team.
  • Dissemination
    The indices are disseminated in real time to the major data vendors and published on the website of the Vienna Stock Exchange, which   increases visibility and their reach to a specialized as well as to the general public. The index calculation frequencies are: real-time,   end-of-day, weekly or monthly. Technical infrastructure Customized indices are calculated using the same technical infrastructure as for the Vienna Stock Exchange indices, and therefore, we offer   access to a high quality index calculation platform.
  • Index maintenance
    If required, customized indices can be maintained through ongoing research of corporate actions of the related index members. Thus, clients   have access to the corporate action expertise of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
  • Consulting Service
    The Vienna Stock Exchange provides also consulting services with focus on index design and index methodology.

To avoid conflicts of interest, we have a policy of strictly separating the calculation and development of customized indices from the Vienna Stock Exchange indices.

Customized indices - index values