250 Years Wiener Börse – A Quarter of a Millennium of Securities Trading in Austria

On the occasion of Wiener Börse's 250th anniversary, journalist Anneliese Rohrer moderated a round table with historian Clemens Jobst and CEO Christoph Boschan to discuss the changing role of the Vienna Stock Exchange through the ages.

Learn more about the highlights in the history of the Vienna Stock Exchange – from its foundation and development until today up to the challenges for the future. The main topics included the path of the Austrian national exchange from its early stages as market regulator to a modern IT infrastructure provider, the profession of exchange trader, characteristics of the Vienna Stock Exchange in international comparison, the importance of raising equity capital to finance innovation and much more. Then as now, the stock exchange stands for transparency, regularity and reliability. (Video in German language, English subtitles available in the Youtube module)

Clemens Jobst, Historian University of Vienna

"As early as the end of the 19th century, investment manuals recommended broad geographical diversification, with the aim of making the world one's own. This was meant to be the best way for a steady and safe yield. "

Christoph Boschan, CEO Wiener Börse

"Trading is the core business of exchange operators, but the one least influenceable. That is why our constant aim is to expand the range of services in the field of data vending, IT, index calculation and information supply of all kinds. Moving forward is our mission. "