Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen Rings Stock Exchange Bell for 250th Anniversary

On 2 September 1771 was the first trading day on the Vienna Stock Exchange after Empress Maria Theresa initiated the founding of the national stock exchange ten years earlier. A quarter of a millennium later, on 2 September 2021, Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen, descendant of Maria Theresa, ceremoniously opened the trading day with the stock exchange bell. CEO Christoph Boschan gave an insight into eventful 250 years and the stock exchange, which is becoming increasingly important for the young generation of investors in the current low-interest environment. A working meeting with Finance Minister Gernot Blümel as well as a high-level lunch with representatives of capital market associations at the company's headquarters in Palais Caprara-Geymüller provided an opportunity for discussions and networking. Employees also had the chance to celebrate the long-standing success of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In the evening, the UNIQA Tower on Vienna's Danube Canal was illuminated in the anniversary look.

Video of the 250th anniversary celebrations

Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen congratulates on the 250th anniversary (in German)

Photo gallery with impressions of the 250th anniversary