Information on the products per exchange

Level 1 market data contains:

  • The last price traded (netted) with order size
  • The best bid/ask (aggregated order book) with order size
  • Other information such as master data, market phases and statistical data
  • Available in real-time and delayed quality. Real-time market data is disseminated within 15 minutes of initial publication by Wiener Börse AG. Delayed market data is disseminated (more than) 15 minutes after initial publication by Wiener Börse AG. The content is the same.

Level 2 market data contains:

  • Level 1 Market Data
  • Up to fifteen (15) bid/ask prices with order size (aggregated order book) depending on availability.
  • Only available in real-time quality

Level 2 low latency market data contains:

  • Market depth fifteen (15) depending on availability for the stock exchanges of Vienna, Prague, Ljubljana and Zagreb
  • No index data can be subscribed to via the low latency data feed
  • Only available in real-time quality

Contact Market Data Sales Team

Market Data Sales

On trading days between 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.

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