250 Years Vienna Stock Exchange: Delivering the future since 1771

Anniversary Year 2021

In 1771, the Vienna Stock Exchange was founded by Maria Theresa. 2021 is a year of celebration for Austria's financial market. We look back on eventful 250 years. But upholding tradition is only one facet, its cutting-edge technology and constant awareness of future trends are key features of the Austrian stock exchange. Join us in our anniversary year and follow us through the history, present and future of the Vienna Stock Exchange!

History of the Vienna Stock Exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. Its mission has not changed much in 250 years. As a central marketplace for the price determination of securities, it creates trust and transparency. Here you can follow our journey in fast motion.

History at a glance

Future Forum

The Vienna Stock Exchange is characterized not only by tradition, but also by state-of-the-art technologies and a constantly forward-looking perspective. In our "Future Forum" national and international experts will discuss the financing of innovation, change and the economy of the future regularly this year.

Future Forum

Press Kit

Here you can find media material, images of historical documents, info graphics and other photo material.