30 years ago, on 13 May 1991, the Austrian Traded Index (ATX) started as the new leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange. Today, it contains the shares of the 20 largest listed companies in Austria and is a daily sentiment barometer, reflecting the performance of the most important domestic stocks. 

Did you know about the ATX that...?

  • the ATX Total Return (ATX TR) is a performance index that includes dividends, making it the right benchmark to compare to the German DAX
  • the average return of the ATX TR (incl. dividends) is 6.5% per year
  • the index composition is reviewed twice a year (March and September)
  • OMV, Verbund and Wienerberger have been part of the ATX since the index was launched
  • you can follow the current price of the ATX in real-time on our website

Find more facts about the ATX in our explanatory video:

ATX TR incl. dividends


1 Month
1 Year