The Enhanced Trading Interface (ETI) is the high performance interface designed for participants who require the highest throughput and the lowest latency for their transactions. It supports both, cash and derivatives markets. All application messages between the client and the ETI follow FIX V5.0 SP2 semantics including all officially approved extension packs. A proprietary session layer and flat binary encoding is used in order to provide the best performance.

The ETI provides all trading functions of T7:

  • Order handling
  • Quote handling including quote activation and inactivation
  • Execution notifications
  • Market maker protection mechanisms (derivatives markets only)
  • Creation of a strategy (derivatives markets only)
  • Request for quote
  • Cross request
  • T7 Entry Service (derivatives markets only)
  • SRQS (derivatives markets only)
  • Access to private reference data (e.g., list of own users/sessions, trade enrichment rules)

Additionally the ETI enables participants to subscribe to private trading data:

  • Complete order history of all standard orders of any session belonging to the own business unit
  • Trade, TES maintenance, TES trade and SRQS maintenance notifications for all sessions of the business unit

The following trading support information may be subscribed by each session:

  • General messages from market supervision (news)

For further questions the Technical Service Desk is at your disposal.

Technical Service Desk

On trading days from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-284