Vienna Stock Exchange offers its real-time data services to two customer groups (professional and private users).

A precondition for receiving the real-time data is the declaration stating professional or private usage when registering.

Private User

Individuals who use the Vienna Stock Exchange data exclusively for private purposes (management of private assets) and not as a trader for the general public. Private users are currently neither registered nor qualified by any national or state-run exchange or professional organization as professional traders or professional asset consultants.

Private users are considered consumers in the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act.

Private users are under the obligation to immediately inform the Vienna Stock Exchange of any changes in their status as private user.

Professional User

Asset management companies, private partnerships, sole proprietorships and similar legal entities shall be considered professional users. Individuals or legal entities and their employees who provide investment services and/or are more deeply involved in such investment services shall not be considered private users.

Individuals and legal entities licensed to provide investment services or are registered with a financial supervisory authority (e.g. FMA (Austria), BaFin (Germany), FCA (UK) or other IOSCO/FESCO members) or are qualified in any other way for this function shall be treated as investment service providers.

Furthermore, all natural persons who are dependent employees of such legal entities shall also be considered to be investment service providers with respect to their professional obligations.

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