As one of the oldest stock exchanges worldwide founded in 1771, the Vienna Stock Exchange plays a key role in the Austrian capital market as a customer- and market-oriented company. 

Wiener Börse AG has adopted a binding Code of Conduct for all employees to ensure transparency and a high quality of services.

Apart from protecting and safeguarding human rights, the following principles apply at Wiener Börse AG


Employees are committed to integrity and work exclusively with information that to the best of their knowledge is true. They avoid making or using misleading statements that may arise from using false or incomplete information.


Talks with third parties are treated strictly confidentially; confidential information is forwarded only with the express consent of the third parties.

No undue influence

No unfair, undue or unlawful influence is exerted on decision-makers, neither in communications nor in the realization of interests. This applies to any direct or indirect financial incentives or inducements.

Respect and consideration

Employees treat all persons they deal with respectfully and protect their professional and personal reputations. The aim is to create an environment of respect for all people and to prevent any type of sexual or personal harassment. Employees will always strive to ensure that the reputation of the Vienna Stock Exchange Börse is not impaired or negatively influenced by their conduct or actions.

No discrimination

All employees are under the obligation to prevent discrimination when carrying out their professional duties, and will strive to prevent any type of discrimination on the basis of origin, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation or participate in conduct that constitutes discrimination. Furthermore, we do not tolerate any form of corruption, forced labour or child labor and comply with all relevant legal requirements. 

Environmental protection

Wiener Börse AG takes ecological responsibility seriously and is committed to the principles of sustainability. Wiener Börse AG complies with national and international standards for the protection of the environment.