The regulated market (or "Amtlicher Handel") is one of the oldest markets in the world dating all the way back to 1771 when Vienna Stock Exchange was founded by Maria Theresa. This traditional market steeped with history is still dynamic and vibrant when it comes to debt market listings making it the listing venue of choice for Austrian issuers while attracting a growing number of international listings. Being an "EU regulated and recognised market" (as defined in article 1 item 13 of the directive 93/22/EEC), means that our market enjoys full status as an accredited official market.

Listing process on the Regulated Market

In order to list debt on the regulated market, an issuer needs to meet all the requirements for listing and have an application countersigned by a market member. Before proceeding with a listing, the issuer needs to have an approved prospectus either authorised by the FMA in Austria or passported to Austria from another EU country. Wherever possible, we make every effort to provide "match-making" between issuers interested in listing on the regulated market and market members to facilitate a smooth listing process.

For further details on listing requirements please consult the relevant listing guide (pdf-file 260 KB) and feel free to reach out to a member of our team who would be more than happy to guide you through the process.