250 years and microseconds

31 July 2021 | Helmut Kretzl | Salzburger Nachrichten

In this feature, Helmut Kretzl explores how the Vienna Stock Exchange has changed over the course of a quarter of a millennium. In 1771, Empress Maria Theresa created a trustworthy institution for trading securities. The aspiration has remained, even if much else has changed. 

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Andrea Herrmann: "The Vienna Stock Exchange has a very good reputation"

22 June 2021 | Elisa Krisper | ForumF

In an interview with the online platform ForumF, Andrea Herrmann provides insight into her new position as Chief Financial Officer of the Vienna Stock Exchange and the finance sector as a recurrent theme in her CV. She talks about her perception of the 250-year-old Austrian national stock exchange as a company with a long tradition and also vision. Back then as well as today, the stock exchange ensures fair rules for all stakeholders and transparency for investors.

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Where the stock exchange has had its locations

20 June 2021 | Kurier

In the anniversary year, a historical look back at the locations of the Vienna Stock Exchange: It has often moved, especially the historic stock exchange building on the Vienna Ringstrasse strongly shaped the development of the domestic national stock exchange. Today, it is located in the Palais Caprara-Geymüller, at Wallnerstrasse 8, and the way of trading has of course also evolved greatly.

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Zurück an die Wiege der Wiener Börse

14. Juni 2021 | Salzburger Nachrichten

Im Jahr 1771, also vor 250 Jahren, hat Kaiserin Maria Theresia die Wiener Börse ins Leben gerufen. Zweck: Den Wertpapierhandel in geordnete Bahnen zu bringen. Seitdem prägen zahlreiche unterschiedliche Ereignisse die Entwicklung der Wiener Börse, auch wenn sich am grundsätzlichen Auftrag, nämlich Vertrauen und Transparenz zu schaffen, nichts geändert hat.  

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Investing instead of speculating

11 June 2021 | Thomas Martinek | trend

In an interview with the Austrian weekly magazine trend, Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Wiener Boerse, talks about beneficial framework conditions for the domestic capital market, sovereign wealth funds and the strong contribution of listed companies to overcoming the crisis. Financial education enables people to better weigh up the risks and opportunities. This will help more Austrians to make private provisions and build up assets.

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Stock market more popular for savers

1 June 2021 | ZIB 13

After the crisis in the spring of 2020, the Austrian benchmark index ATX has increased strongly again since the end of October and the stock market is enjoying increasing popularity among private investors. Christoph Boschan comments: Stock investment is vastly superior to any other investment in the long term.

Vienna Stock Exchange reiterates plea for "strong capital market"

1 June 2021 | Wiener Zeitung

Looking back on the year 2020, a positive result can be drawn: A high level of activity among trading participants led to strong results. Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger and Christoph Boschan also comment on the domestic capital market in the annual press interview.

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Vienna Stock Exchange CEO: "Speculators become investors"

28 March 2021 | Bettina Pfluger | Der Standard

The hype around GameStop Stocks as well as the rising number of private investors during the Covid-19 pandemic: These have been key interview topics from Der Standard with the CEO of Wiener Börse AG Christoph Boschan. He reminds readers of investment principles such as long-term orientation as well as keeping broad investment portfolios. 

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Here's what the CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange has to say about the investment hype, startup IPOs and the Bitcoin controversy

19 March 2021 | Dominik Meisinger | der brutkasten

In the Brutkasten-Finance-Talk, Christoph Boschan comments on the latest capital market topics. He stated that with the growing interest of private investors, the step from speculating to investing becomes essential. Additionally, further topics such as scale-ups in Austria or crypto currencies have been covered in the interview.

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Vienna Stock Exchange CEO optimistic for 2021 despite Corona crisis

21 January 2021 | Barbara Lengauer | Austrian Press Agency

In an interview with the Austrian Press Agency, Christoph Boschan, CEO of Wiener Börse AG, is optimistic about the year 2021, in which the Vienna Stock Exchange will celebrate its 250th anniversary. Thanks to excellent preparations with trading participants, BREXIT will neither cause complications nor a decline in turnover. With regard to cryptocurrencies, Boschan warns that investors must be aware of the speculative dimension. In contrast, exchange trading stands for transparency and investment in tangible assets.

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