Christoph Boschan about the Vienna Stock Exchange

7 June 2022 | Interview OE24.TV with Judith Lindebaum | OE24.TV

As a studio guest on OE24.TV, CEO Christoph Boschan talks about the positioning and relevance of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In addition, he answers important questions regarding investing and stock trading, discusses differences between crypto exchanges and talks about future trends in the capital market.  

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2021 was a good year for the Vienna Stock Exchange

11 May 2022 | Susanne Bickel | Die Presse

The Austrian daily reported from the annual press briefing about the successful financial year of Wiener Börse AG. Both consolidated revenues (EUR 79.3 million, + 6.7%) and trading volume on the Vienna market (EUR 73 billion, + 7%) showed a strong result. The cyclical composition of the ATX became once more apparent as the Austrian benchmark outperformed its international peers. with + 40%. At the same time, CEO Christoph Boschan and Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger emphasize in the article the continued need to strengthen the domestic capital market. 

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EU taxonomy: "Innovation project or already planned economy?"

31 March 2022 | Interview Bettina Pfluger | Der Standard

In a double interview with Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger (OeKB), Christoph Boschan (Vienna Stock Exchange) talks about the transformation to the economy of the future. In addition, they comment on the attempt at standardization in the form of the EU taxonomy and how the capital market is specifically available as leverage for transformation.

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The millstone Ukraine war

19. März 2022 | Hans-Peter Siebenhaar | Focus-Money

The Russian-Ukrainian war is also having an impact on the Austrian market place: In an interview with Hans-Peter Siebenhaar, Christoph Boschan describes the current measures on the Vienna Stock Exchange and continues to see long-term and careful investment in high-dividend Austrian companies as attractive.

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Prosperity for our children, capital for inventors

25 February 2022 | Guest commentary by Christoph Boschan | trend

In this op-ed, Christoph Boschan explains in a practical manner how an Austrian family embarks on the journey from saver to investor. Christoph Boschan also discusses how a reintroduction of the reten-tion period on the capital gains tax would further strengthen the equity investments in Austria and how this can strengthen the middle class.

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"Investing is neither gambling nor speculation"

3 February 2022| Marius Perger | Börsen-Kurier

In an exclusive interview with Editor-in-Chief Marius Perger, CEO Christoph Boschan takes a look back at his work at the Vienna Stock Exchange to date and gives an outlook on the future of the company. Furthermore, they address the topic of investing, which must be clearly distinguished from betting and speculation as well as the topic of increasing importance of the capital market.

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How best to invest 10,000 euros

22 January 2022 | Julia Beirer, Jakob Pflügl | Der Standard

On the occasion of the ten-thousandth issue of the newspaper "Der Standard", the question of investment opportunities was raised. Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, talks about the yield opportunities that shares offer and, together with other experts from the capital market, provides principles for successful investments.

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"Politics has to stay out of this"

11 January 2022 | Gerhard Hofer | Die Presse

Christoph Boschan in a double interview with Heimo Scheuch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Vienna Stock Exchange and CEO of Wienerberger AG. They plead for greater forward-lookingness and, in the course of this, for a depoliticized state funds based on the international model.  

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