CEO Boschan: "It will not work without sacrifices"

20 December 2020 | KURIER

CEO Christoph Boschan spoke with Robert Kleedorfer, Austrian Daily Kurier, about the Austrians growing interest in stocks, the current stock market year and the economic impact of the pandemic. Corona had clearly fueled investor interest. However, investors also had to endure some volatility in the short term. For economies, it will show once again, those with developed capital markets, recover faster from the crisis. Listen in now and learn more about the role and outlook of the stock exchange operator.

"You have to compare alike with alike"

3 December 2020 | Börsen-Kurier

In an interview with Börsen-Kurier, Christoph Boschan talks about the year 2020 on the Vienna Stock Exchange, the record-high in bond listings, new stocks in the entry segment and the Austrian leading index ATX. The stock exchange CEO explains how the cyclical composition of the index affects its performance during the crisis, but that this circumstance turns into an advantage in phases of economic upswing, as November showed.

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"Corona teaches patience in stock markets"

15 September 2020 | Alois Vahrner | Tiroler Tageszeitung

During his visit to the Tiroler Adlerrunde and the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Christoph Boschan emphasizes that the crisis can be overcome through a strong private economy, innovations and above all an efficient capital market. According to analysts, Austrian companies are currently undervalued and thus attractively priced. Boschan says that a 5 to 6 percent annual return on equity investment is realistic in the long run. In comparison, funds on savings accounts generate literally zero interest. 

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Stocks are for people with endurance

31 August 2020 | Richard Wiens | Salzburger Nachrichten

COVID-19 demands endurance from investors. In the long run what now looks like a wild ride will level off again. Our collective experience in peacetime is steady economic growth. Christoph Boschan talks to Richard Wiens about what modern welfare states need for their development: Sound economic education and the right incentives. In the interview, you will learn more about necessary incentives for capital market development and news such as Wirecard and global market trends.

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Going public after the crisis

25 June 2020 | André Exner | Die Presse

After the crisis, the focus should no longer be on debt making, but on reducing the debt ratio and repaying debts. The provision of equity capital will be decisive for the future of companies. The offer of Vienna Stock Exchange is aimed at both SMEs and large corporations. A listing on the stock exchange has many advantages. One of them is the strengthening of the equity base.

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Vienna Stock Exchange holds its own in the face of the crisis

5 June 2020 | Hans-Peter Siebenhaar | Handelsblatt

In an interview with the Handelsblatt, CEO Boschan points out the above-average profit margin of the Vienna Stock Exchange compared to other exchange operators. The anti-market sentiment in Austria, which during the Corona crisis was concentrated mainly in the discussion about dividends of listed companies that have to take advantage of state aid, was also the subject of the interview with Hans-Peter Siebenhaar. 

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Volatility interruption as a protective mechanism in the trading system

8 April 2020 | CNBC

CEO Christoph Boschan describes in an Interview with CNBC how the technology and infrastructure of the Vienna Stock Exchange are designed. The Vienna Stock Exchange and its partner exchanges Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague and Zagreb are capable of running entirely remotely. Regarding volatility management Boschan argues that volatility interruptions have become a well-known instrument in Europe. The Vienna Stock Exchange will not shut down the market, as this generally leads to even greater uncertainty among market participants.

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Whatever it takes

Angelika Kramer| trend. Issue 13-2020

In the interview, CEO Boschan talks about the slump in share prices and how the stock market acts as a thermometer. The geographical proximity of Austria to Italy and the consequences for the investment behavior of American investors as well as the performance of the ATX were also discussed with Angelika Kramer.

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This state intervention does not bode well

3 April 2020 | KURIER

Following the announcement of a dividend ban in Austria due to the Corona crisis, CEO Christoph Boschan comments in the daily "KURIER": "This state intervention does not bode well. It is an unnecessary vote of no confidence in the company owners, who have already shown that they handle the payments extremely responsibly". As an alternative, the Vienna Stock Exchange had suggested that profits arising from state aid should remain in the company in the future.

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Why dividends and state aid are not contradictory

2 April 2020 | Salzburger Nachrichten

With regard to dividends, the a local debate arose as to whether payments should be made in times of crisis. Investors profit from good times, such as the previous year through dividends, and bear the consequences of bad times – such as the current price drops and volatility. The Vienna Stock Exchange is convinced that companies know best whether and which dividend payment remains possible. Together with the employees, the listed companies and their investors will have a decisive influence on whether and how quickly Austria can be successfully rebuilt after the crisis.

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No retrospective discrimination against shareholders

31 March 2020 | Der Standard

Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange in an interview with Bettina Pfluger, Der Standard, on the heated debate on dividend payments and why he rejects state intervention. Dividend payments in 2020 are made for the 2019 financial year, and all suppliers and employees have received their money for this year. It's a question of fairness not to forget investors completely. And of course, shareholders will voluntarily waive their dividends – or parts of them – as part of a liquidity management by the company. That the company is doing well is their interest.

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Investing even in times of crisis

25 March 2020 | Armin Wolf | ORF

CEO Boschan states in an interview with Armin Wolf in ZIB2 why it is crucial to continue to invest into the stock market even in a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important strategy for retail investors is to invest regularly in globally diversified stocks through fund savings plans in the long run. When comparing the Austrian Traded Index and the Austrian stock market with other national indices, attention should be paid to differences in terms of dividends and composition.

Why nobody should shy away from the stock market now

29 February 2020 | Die Presse

It is a big mistake to turn away from stocks because of short-term, albeit serious, fluctuations. In his op-ed in the Austrian Daily "Die Presse" Vienna Stock Exchange CEO Boschan writes, how retail investors can keep their cool in situations when markets fluctuate.

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The green hype is too one-sided

27 January 2020 | Kleine Zeitung

"This government wants the population to participate in the capital market," Christoph Boschan expressed his delight in an interview with the Kleine Zeitung. The government wants to get share buying out of the elite or speculators' corner. It is crucial that the focus is also on financial education. In the case of green bonds, Boschan sees the challenge in the total tax exemption to which the new government has committed itself.

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No beatings for the capital market

15 January 2020 | Die Presse

Christoph Boschan, CEO of Vienna Stock Exchange, is pleased that the government has not forgotten about private investors. The government program announces its intention to return to a retention period for shares. As a result, share sales would remain tax-free after a certain holding period. Boschan pleads for the shortest possible speculation period.

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