Exchange CEO pleased with international visibility and exchange development in 2017

20 December 2017 | Thomas Karabaczek | Austrian Press Agency

In his review on the year 2017, CEO Christoph Boschan highlights strong equity turnover – thanks to strong market performance and sustainable interest in Austrian stocks – BAWAG’s landmark IPO as well as the extension of the quotation list. Rising turnover goes to show, that the newly founded international segment global market has been well accepted. The newly elected government has taken up several propositions to promote the local capital market. A quick implementation would be of great help to all market participants.

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APA News on internationalization of Vienna Stock Exchange (German only)

Stock Market Buzzword of the Year: „Negative Interest Rate“ won over „Bitcoin“ and „Trump Effect”

7 December 2017 | Der Standard

The Austrian Daily „Der Standard“ reported on the Stock Market Buzzword of the year. In 2017, the Vienna Stock Exchange has determined this Financial Buzzword together with representatives of the Austrian capital market for the first time. The term “Negative Interest Rate” was selected due to the dramatic consequences for Austrian private savings. The terms “Bitcoin” and “Trump Effect” were also mentioned frequently.

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“Regulation in Austria is bizarre“

25 November 2017 | Stefan Eckerieder | Tiroler Tageszeitung

In an interview with Stefan Eckerieder of the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange explained why it is so important to motivate small savers to invest in stocks. In the interview he also demanded the re-opening of the Third Market for domestic SMEs. CEO Boschan is convinced that the actions of the political actors in Austria have had an internationally adverse effect on the competitive position of the Vienna Stock Exchange. Read more about this in the interview.

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"Austria’s small businesses are knocking on the Vienna Stock Exchange’s door"

21 November 2017 | Irmgard Kischko | Kurier

In an interview in Kurier with Irmgard Kischko, Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, spoke about how the Vienna Stock Exchange could – theoretically – make use of the lacking finance opportunities of banks. Due to the legal framework, the door to the Vienna Stock Exchange is currently closed for Austrian SMEs. Boschan demands a repeal of the amendment passed two years ago. This is how policymakers could open the path to the stock market for small Austrian businesses again. The Chamber of Commerce of Vienna and the management board of the stock exchange also believe that a cut in capital yields tax would boost investments in stocks.

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Christoph Boschan: "Education is the best investor protection"

November 2017 | Ö1

In the program "ABCs of Finance" on the Austrian radio channel "Ö1", Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, together with other experts explains terms used in finance – from L for leverage, N for Nasdaq and P for portfolio. Boschan again stresses the importance of education for investor protection and why the stock exchange offers the best opportunities as the place for long-term investments.

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CEO Christoph Boschan live @ CNBC: Vienna Stock Exchange turnover hits highest level since 2010

10 October 2017 | CNBC

Live on the CNBC show "Street Signs" CEO Christoph Boschan talked about the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Austrian Capital Market: Highest monthly turnover since 2010, heading for a new number of executed orders and market capitalization at highest level since 2008.

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The Power of Law

September 2017 | Aggelos Andreou |

In a very personal interview with Aggelos Andreou of Waterstechnology, Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, spoke about his first encounters with financial instruments, the effects of MiFID II on smaller stock exchanges and the projects implemented on the Vienna Stock Exchange up to now.

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Christoph Boschan: "The wealthy can always take a risk"

4 September 2017 | Beate Lammer | Die Presse

In an interview with Beate Lammer of the Austrian daily Die Presse, Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, explained his understanding of the concept of redistribution and why politics should use the leverage of the 'capital market' to foment the national economy. Read more about why knowledge is the key to profiting from the super returns on the stock market and what Christoph Boschan demands from politicians.

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"Dark Pool Trading won't flee on MiFID II"

21 August 2017 | Gabriella Lovas, Boris Groendahl | Bloomberg / Welt

Christoph Boschan, CEO of Vienna Stock Exchange, talked to Bloomberg about MiFID II and its effects. It will lead to better-governed dark pools, but will not succeed in shifting the volume into more transparent markets. The stock exchanges that contributed the most stability during the crisis are the ones which will suffer the most under the directive. It is cost intensive, but will not lead to a functional improvement, according to Boschan.

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"Stocks are the only profitable investment"

11 August 2017 | Irmgard Kischko | Kurier

Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, recently spoke to the Austrian daily Kurier about low interest rates, inequality and ways, how people with low income can also profit off of the Vienna Stock Exchange. He feels sorry that only a small part of the Austrian population has profited from the upturn since 2009. Mr. Boschan emphasised the efforts of the Vienna Stock Exchange to make capital market knowledge accessible for everyone.

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"Stay here and buy local"

19 June 2017 | Bettina Pfluger | Der Standard

An interview conducted by "Der Standard" with Bettina Pfluger focused on the new segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange, the global market. Apart from 130 U.S. stocks, it is now also possible to trade 30 German stocks from the DAX index on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Wiener Börse AG CEO, Christoph Boschan, also spoke about financial education, because "education is the best investor protection," is his firm belief.

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"Shares for our children"

May 2017/Issue 5 | Christian Drastil | Wiener

Christoph Boschan, CEO of Wiener Börse AG, spoke with "Wiener" about the subject of financial education, stating that it is never too early to start. Regardless of whether we are talking about an international or domestic company, they can be included in fairytales for children and therefore make the topic interesting at an early age.

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"Positive sentiment among investors"

26 June 2017/No. 120 | Hans-Peter Siebenhaar | Handelsblatt

Petr Koblic, CFO spoke in an interview with Hans-Peter Siebenhaar from the German Daily Handelsblatt about the golden age of privatization. He talked about the positive sentiment among investors and believes that there is great potential in the start-up scene.

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Those who say "start-up", also have to say "stock exchange"!

2 June 2017 | Hans-Peter Siebenhaar | Handelsblatt

In an interview with the German Daily Handelsblatt CEO Christoph Boschan addresses the Austrian government and talks about necessary changes for the capital market. A comprehensive capital market plan for Austria can spur growth and innovation. He also mentions the perspectives for start-ups and the importance of financial literacy.

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The Vienna Stock Exchange looks towards the West

21 April 2017 | Michaela Seiser, Christian Geinitz | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

CEO Christoph Boschan talks with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about the orientation on Western standards regarding market and services quality. For Austrian companies the Vienna Stock Exchange is the logical choice. Boschan also emphasizes the increasing investor interest and the rising level of market capitalization in Q1 2017.

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"We will broaden our range of trading products"

30 March 2017 | Raiffeisenzeitung

In an interview with Raiffeisenzeitung CEO Christoph Boschan outlined the positive development of the Vienna Stock Exchange and highlighted the importance of the active Austrian financial community. Boschan speaks about intensifying efforts to connect new international trading members and an expansion in the range of trading products.

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Vienna Stock Exchange builds APA platform for trade reporting

9 March 2017 | Aggelos Andreou | WATERSTECHNOLOGY

At the beginning of 2018 the EU Directive for Markets in Financial Instruments, MiFID II, will take effect. The Vienna Stock Exchange will comply with OTC MiFID II reporting requirements by introducing the TTR II® platform. In an interview with Aggelous Andreou from Waterstechnology, Alexander Racher, Vienna Stock Exchange, informed about the progress of the project, next steps and the service itself.

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Roundtable talk at Vienna Stock Exchange

February 2017 | Christian Drastil | Börse Social

CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss (Porr AG), Heike Arbter (Zertifikate Forum Austria), Christian Drastil (Börse Social Network) and Vienna Stock Exchange CEO Christoph Boschan talked about the advantages of a listing on the home market, the current challenges regarding regulations and the role of retail investors. Get insights into the Austrian capital market from the perspective of a listed company, the structured products industry and the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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Listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange

February 2017 | Marius Perger | Börsen-Kurier

In an interview with Börsen-Kurier, Henriette Lininger, contact person for potential listing candidates at the Vienna Stock Exchange, talked about the activities of the Vienna Stock Exchange and the advantages of a listing on the home market.

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The role of security for the IT service provider Vienna Stock Exchange

February 2017 | Marius Perger | Börsen-Kurier

The Vienna Stock Exchange is a modern infrastructure company. Therefore security in all its forms is center staged. The backbone of this security is the IT. Ludwig Nießen, Chief Operating and Technology Officer at the Vienna Stock Exchange, talked with Marius Perger, Börsen-Kurier, about the role of the Vienna Stock Exchange as an IT service provider and much more.

Interview (pdf-file 325 KB, German only)

The Austrian investment story is absolutely attractive

30 January 2017 | Manuel Koch|

CEO Christoph Boschan in an interview with Manuel Koch from about the position as clear market leader in domestic stocks trading, the Austrian investment story and the increasing attention to bond listings.

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