Our info graphics not only illustrate facts & figures about the Vienna Stock Exchange but also survey results, for example on financial education and regarding the origin of institutional investors holding prime market stocks.

Trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange 2020

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Visualisation of trading hours on a trading day in the prime market

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Top 10 largtest IPOs Vienna Stock Exchange

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Q1-Q3 2019 with three prime market debuts

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Wiener Börse: Rising number of international trading members

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global market: 718 stocks from 26 countries now tradable on the Vienna Stock Exchange

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Marinomed Biotech: Showcase of a Funding Escalator run-through

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Study: Major investors hold two thirds of the free float of Austrian prime market companies

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Interesse am Wertpapierkauf verdoppelt

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Vienna Stock Exchange börse4me financial education kit for schools

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Dividends make the difference

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ATX companies are dividend kings

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Low interest rates with massive effects for savers

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ATX shareholders harvest 3.2 billion dividend

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