Listing debt issuance programmes on Vienna MTF is a simple process. The existence of a Prospectus Regulation compliant approved prospectus is not required although can be accepted if one exists. We can also accept an offering memorandum if one exists however if there is no pre-existing document, the completion of a Programme Memorandum Template will be required.

The process to list a programme on Vienna MTF is similar to listing a single security. The main difference is that once a programme is approved for listing, the tranches within the programme do not need to be approved on an individual basis.

The steps would typically be as follows:

  1. Initiate contact with the Vienna Stock Exchange to discuss the initial details
  2. 1st Submission of the listing documents for review
  3. Feedback is given within 2 days of the initial submission
  4. Additional rounds of feedback can take place until the feedback is free of comments
  5. Final submission for listing a debt issuance programme on Vienna MTF is made
  6. Listing is approved for listing and an announcement is made to the market
  7. Listing of tranches can commence upon approval

The programme is regarded as "listed" as soon as the official announcement is published by the Vienna Stock Exchange. Subsequent listings happen on an automated basis and the admission fee is waived. Listing tranches is quick and simple with only the submission of the final terms and an accompanying excel sheet needed to list (bypassing an approval process).

For high frequency issuers, special pricing may apply and the use of a load-file is preferable.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do get in touch with our listing experts who would be happy to assist you.