The Vienna Stock Exchange is proud to announce that we now have a special CLO offering. With Vienna MTF enjoying international recognition, CLOs can be listed on either of our two markets. We are delighted to have listed an increasing number of warehousing transactions already and look forward to also increasing the number of CLO transactions listed on our exchange.

We have spoken with some key stakeholders in the CLO market and have created a purpose-built offering tailored to the needs of the market enabling us to provide an attractive listing location for CLO transactions.

Benefits of listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange:

  • Flat fee structure: To list the entire CLO transaction, the fee is only EUR 13.000 and for a CLO restructuring the fee is only EUR 6.500. These fees include all fees associated with the listing with no additional costs – There is no need to request for a quote for your transaction since the Flat Fee is "all inclusive."
  • Simplicity: We have applied the tried-and-tested approach to listings that has been proven to be very popular with our listing partners. Our approach to "making things simple" is accentuated with a special listing process for CLOs as well as a new CLO specific application form.
  • Knowledgebase: We have done our homework when it comes to CLOs and know exactly what to expect when you list with us thereby ensuring swift and reliable turnaround times.
  • Continuity: You would continue to work with the team you have already been working with on other non-CLO transactions.

To find out more or simply get a copy of the CLO factsheet, we encourage you to kindly contact the CLO team to get detailed information – we have only provided a summary of the benefits of listing on Vienna Stock Exchange above.

Matthias Szabo

Head of Debt Listings

+43 1 531 65-234
English, German

Dimitrios Tsaousis

Senior Relationship Manager Debt Listings

+43 1 531 65-135
English, Greek