• How long does it take to list debt securities?

    Typically a listing can be achieved within a week of the initial submission for review. We reply within a maximum of 2 days for the first review and 1 day for subsequent reviews. Once you have a review without comments, you can submit the final documents. If these are received by 11 AM CET, approval will be granted on the same day. Trading can then commence 2 trading days later.
  • Are there different requirements when listing in the Qualified Investor (QI) Segment?

    No, the listing requirements are the same as when listing outside the QI Segment. For more information please visit the relevant section.
  • Do I require a listing agent?

    No, to list on Vienna MTF you do not require a listing agent.
  • What is the delisting process?

    A security is automatically delisted upon maturity. If there is a full early redemption, all you need to do is notify us of this fact and the date with which the redemption happened. If there is no redemption (or a partial redemption), then in this case delisting will be subject to a fee. Please contact our client services team regarding how to proceed.
  • What are the ongoing obligations?

    Being an MTF market, we require the adherence to the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) as required by EU regulation. There are no additional requirements beyond MAR which means that financial statements do not need to be provided on an ongoing basis.
  • How do I update the amount outstanding?

    In most cases, all you need to do is notify us of the new amount via email and we will update the website. Normally, the updated outstanding amount is submitted by the paying agent or the applicant. In some cases, the issuer may also submit the new outstanding amount. 
  • How are debt securities usually traded?

    While all securities listed on Vienna Stock Exchange are admitted to listing and trading, we see that, almost all trading in debt securities takes place Over The Counter (OTC) as is the case with most exchanges.
  • Do I need an approved prospectus to list on Vienna MTF?

    No, a Prospectus Regulation (PR) approved prospectus is not needed. If you however have an offering memorandum or base prospectus available, we would be happy to accept either of these. If there is no pre-existing document in place, we would ask that you complete the Information Memorandum (IM) template which is available in the downloads section.

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