Green bonds are bonds issued to raise capital for sustainability projects that yield ecological or social benefits. We at the Vienna Stock Exchange support sustainability and transparency on capital markets and offer Austrian and international issuers a platform for green bonds.

Sustainable investments with green bonds – Added value for investors and issuers:

  • Transparent: regular information on the use of the issuance proceeds by the issuers
  • External audit or certification: by external institutions such as the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). The CBI tracks and develops standards for the designation and certification of green bonds guided by the international climate goals.
  • Sustainabilty: Investors have the certainty of knowing that by buying a green bond they are actually making a responsible and ecological investment.

What are the benefits of a green bond listing?

Benefits from green bonds: $ 155,5 bn worldwide issuance volume of green bond in 2017, +78 % global market growth in 2017

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The Vienna Stock Exchange is the ideal platform for green and social bonds.

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