The issuing proceeds of green respectively social bonds are used to fund projects with sustainable ecological or social benefit. The Vienna Stock Exchange is a dedicated supporter of sustainable and transparent capital markets. Therefore we offer Austrian and international issuers a platform for "green" securities.


Our admission criteria for green and social bonds are following the Green Bonds Principles of ICMA. In order to ensure that the planned use of the proceeds is adhered to, an external audit is carried out by independent institutions (so-called second party opinion/certification/rating) in accordance with international standards – including the Green Bond Principles.


Investors can trust in the fact that their investments in green or social bonds fund responsible and ecologically sustainable projects which are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Continuous disclosure and publication of the use of proceeds shall enable investors to make a qualified investment decision.

What are the benefits of listing green bonds at the Vienna Stock Exchange?

Benefits from green bonds: $ 155,5 bn worldwide issuance volume of green bond in 2017, +78 % global market growth in 2017

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