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Business YearReportsFormatSize
2020Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.4 MB
2019Annual Financial ReportPDF8.1 MB
2019Report 3rd Quarter PDF951 KB
2019Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF2.5 MB
2019Report 1st quarterPDF231 KB
2018Annual Financial ReportPDF8.7 MB
2018Report 3rd Quarter PDF312 KB
2018Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.4 MB
2018Report 1st quarterPDF403 KB
2017Annual Financial ReportPDF4.3 MB
2017Report 3rd Quarter PDF254 KB
2017Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.2 MB
2017Report 1st quarterPDF236 KB
2016Annual Financial ReportPDF9.5 MB
2016Report 3rd Quarter PDF1.3 MB
2016Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.6 MB
2016Report 1st quarterPDF329 KB
2015Annual Financial ReportPDF7.9 MB
2015Report 3rd Quarter PDF2.9 MB
2015Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF3.5 MB
2015Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF295 KB
2014Annual Financial ReportPDF7.7 MB
2014Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF328 KB
2014Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.5 MB
2014Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF167 KB
2013Annual Financial ReportPDF6.2 MB
2013Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF44 KB
2013Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF459 KB
2013Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF53 KB
2012Annual Financial ReportPDF4.3 MB
2012Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF94 KB
2012Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF746 KB
2012Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF573 KB
2011Annual Financial ReportPDF4.3 MB
2011Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF1.1 MB
2011Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF1.0 MB
2011Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF3.9 MB
2010Annual Financial ReportPDF5.5 MB
2010Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF636 KB
2010Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF596 KB
2010Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF96 KB
2009Annual Financial ReportPDF10.0 MB
2009Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF487 KB
2009Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF5.1 MB
2009Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF3.2 MB
2008Annual Financial ReportPDF7.0 MB
2008Interim Report or Report 3rd QuarterPDF1.2 MB
2008Half-yearly Financial ReportPDF6.2 MB
2008Interim Report or Report 1st QuarterPDF432 KB
2007Annual Financial ReportPDF4.5 MB
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