Since 1993 we have provided comprehensive support to issuers in the areas of IR & PR, AGM Services (including online AGMs) and Issuance Management. We support clients when converting bearer to registered shares, we operate the share register, accompany segment changes, shell company purchases or realignments, and file inclusion applications on selected exchanges. Our comprehensive support also comprises paying continuous attention to the wide variety of regulatory requirements.

Criteria for financing

The UBJ. GmbH is supporting its clients to raise equity or debt capital, but will not directly provide debt capital.

Scope of services

Provision of Services:

  • Investor Relations and Public Relations
  • Supporting share issues (IPO/IBO) and capital measures
  • General meetings- Creditor meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Investor conferences and roadshows
  • Change of segments and realignments
  • Share register operations

Reference data

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    Hamburg, Germany


    Haus der Wirtschaft
    1022297 Hamburg


    Contact persons

    Ingo Janssen
    Managing Director
    T +49 40 6378 5410

    Franziska Janssen
    Authorised Company Signatory
    T +49 40 6378 5414