Family businesses are well-matched for the stock exchange. The proof: Over one third in the top segment prime market are successful family-owned companies. The ATX Family shows the family businesses listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in a separate index. Financial flexibility is the cornerstone to sustainable corporate strategy, growth and innovation. The IPO strengthens equity capital and sets corporate financing on a broader foundation.

In addition to a strong equity base and access to further sources of financing, succession planning is a decisive key factor for family businesses. Going public can be an ideal solution.

Benefits for your company:

  • With new shareholder structure, owner decides on further influence of the family
  • Restructuring of family assets and participation in future earnings
  • Separation of ownership function from management function

Solutions for your requirements: The Vienna Stock Exchange offers segments for companies of different sizes and industries.

From the entry-level segment direct market plus to the top segment prime market.

We are happy to provide support and information before, during and after the public offering.

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    “The top global companies are listed on the stock exchange. With the IPO and the transformation from a family owned to a publicly listed company, we play in this league. This enabled us to ensure the sustainable development of Frequentis for the following generations.”
    Norbert Haslacher, CEO, Frequentis AG

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