Advicum, founded in Vienna in 2002, is an Austrian owner-managed consulting and investment company. We are specialized in transformation management and in associated changes in the ownership and financing structures of our clients. Our cross-sector and cross-functional know-how enables us to develop individual and customized solutions within the scope of all financing challenges.

Criteria for financing

We provide solutions in the area of financing and capital market transactions along the entire corporate cycle (expansion, turnaround, succession cases, exit). We focus on customer sizes with a turnover of 10-150 million euros, mainly in the DACH region. Our know-how and network provide a strong foundation.

Financing volume

investment-, operating loans: 5 million euros and above; structured debt financing: 15-100 million euros; equity financing: 5-50 million euros

Scope of services

We operate as consultants, investors and financial service providers. Our comprehensive experience enables us to provide individualized support on questions such as corporate and project evaluation, structuring and procurement of financing packages, implementation of M&A processes and post-merger integration. We further engage in the audit of corporates for their capabilities to fit the capital market. Additionally, we coach management and IR professionals in respective matters.

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Vienna, Austria


Bauernmarkt 10/16
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Michael Smutny
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Roman Pongracz
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