Founded in 2017, AG's "Marketplace as a Service" (MaaS) software solution enables banks, financial intermediaries, and nonfinancials to create their own marketplace and distribute their products through it. With their own digital and legally compliant online shop for financial products, the fintech’s customers can optimize their sales channels to increase assets under management, reduce operating costs, acquire new customers and ultimately open up new revenue channels. The white label solution gives them access to software and support services to provide a fully digital and regulated investment experience for their investors. Learn more about 21finance at

Scope of services

21finance is an international B2B2C Software as a Service (SaaS) provider specializing in the development of digital and regulated software and service solutions for banks and financial intermediaries, but also for non-financials such as project companies. Licensees are thus given the opportunity to open up new revenue channels and expand their service offering by enabling their investors to buy and sell proprietary or third-party products of various types, among other things.

Thanks to 21finance's white label solution, licensees are now able to make financial instruments and assets in traditional and tokenized form, cryptocurrencies and crypto assets digitally accessible to investors on their own, individually designed, web-based "marketplace" at low cost, within the shortest possible time and without IT project risk.

Investors will have direct access to the customized investment offering via the platform. This also makes it possible for licensees to make their mark and enter a new asset class as well as digital direct sales.

The solution can be used for retail, professional and institutional clients and is compliant with regulatory law - e.g. MiFID II (EU) and FIDLEG (CH) - as well as civil law. The offer can be executed publicly or privately.

In addition to the software solution, 21finance takes over the operation, maintenance and further development of the white label platform for the licensees and continuously guarantees its legal compliance.

Headquarters & address

Industriering 40
9491 Ruggell


Contact person

Jürgen Lindner
Director of Growth