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Record date "Dividends": Date on which settled positions are struck in the books of the Issuer`s CSD at close of business to determine the entitlement to dividends. Origination of entitlement is still linked to the Ex-dividend date.
Record date "Annual General Meeting": Date for participation to Annual General Meeting.

ReportsBusiness YearFormatSize
Annual Financial Report2016/2017PDF1.2 MB
Annual Financial Report2022/2023PDF1.3 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2023/2024PDF1.3 MB
Annual Financial Report2017/2018PDF1.5 MB
Annual Financial Report2018/2019PDF1.7 MB
Annual Financial Report2019/2020PDF1.8 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2019/2020PDF1.8 MB
Annual Financial Report2020/2021ZIP4.5 MB
Annual Financial Report2009/2010PDF5.1 MB
Annual Report2008/2009PDF13.9 MB
Annual Financial Report2021/2022ZIP19.8 MB

       Source: provided by the Company