Regulated Market


CompanyDe Raj Group AG-
First day of trading02/08/2018-
No. of shares included35,000,000-
First price13.74-
MarketOfficial Market-
Market segmentstandard market auction-

Third Market (MTF)


CompanyCleantech Building
Materials PLC
 Kompli Holdings PLC
First day of trading03/21/201805/08/2018
No. of shares included36,498,7071,020,000
First price12.98follows
MarketThird Market (MTF)Third Market (MTF)
Market segmentother securities.atother
CompanyResaphene Suisse AG World Excellent
Products S.A.
First day of trading06/21/201809/06/2018
No. of shares included67,8772,351,590
First price1555.0017.80
MarketThird Market (MTF)Third Market (MTF)
Market segmentother securities.atother

global market

Country/CompanyBelgiumSiemens Healthineers AG
First day of trading02/12/201703/16/2018
No. of securities included171
MarketThird Market (MTF)Third Market (MTF)
Market segment
Country/CompanyDenmarkDWS Group
First day of trading03/23/201803/23/2018
No. of securities included81
MarketThird Market (MTF)Third Market (MTF)
Market segment
Country/CompanyAsiaKnorr-Bremse AG
First day of trading09/13/201810/12/2018
No. of securities included331
MarketThird Market (MTF)-
Market segment
Country/CompanyTop Listings NYSE
SoftBank Corp
First day of trading11/12/201812/19/2018
No. of securities included271
MarketThird Market (MTF)Third Market (MTF)
Market segment

1 in EUR
2 Listed shares calculated on the basis of the first price

St = Common stocks
Vz = Preferred stocks
PS = Participations certificates
KAS = Earnings certificates
GWS = Earnings certificates
GS = Dividend rights certificates
ADC = Austrian Depository Certificate


The data in the pdf-files represent a snapshot taken at the time of the initial public offering/new listing or inclusion in the MTF and are not updated regularly.

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