Founded in 1771, the Vienna Stock Exchange represents one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. Today, it is a customer- and market-oriented company that plays a key role in the Austrian capital market and contributes substantially to the technological development of the financial marketplace in Vienna as well as to its legal and political framework.

In this context, the Vienna Stock Exchange plays an important part as an intermediary between the business sector, politics and the general public. As such, it is often confronted with the task of bringing together its own objectives and the divergent interests of the other capital market actors (e.g. banks, insurance companies, issuers, trading participants). This work requires a high degree of personal integrity and sensitivity to social and economic policy.

Moreover, transparency and quality are two essential requirements for strictly regulated capital markets. Therefore, the Vienna Stock Exchange has developed an independent, binding code of conduct – based on international models – for all staff members dealing with public affairs.

In addition to the obligations to comply with all legal requirements as well as the principles of freedom of opinion, right to information, independence of the media and protection of privacy rights, the principles below apply to the public affairs work of our staff:


The staff members commit themselves to honesty in their dealings with political decision-makers, the media and the general public. They work exclusively with information they believe to be truthful to the best of their knowledge and ability. They avoid any misleading behaviour by using false or incomplete information.


All talks with political decision-makers and legislative bodies are treated confidentially; confidential information is passed on only with their explicit consent.

No unfair influencing

The staff shall not engage in any unfair, inappropriate or illegal influencing behaviour towards political deci-sion-makers in their communication or when pursuing interests. This applies, in particular, with respect to direct or indirect financial inducements.


Employees are respectful towards all people they communicate with and agree to exercise due care in rela-tion to the professional and personal reputation of these people.

No discrimination

The staff is under the obligation to refrain from any kind of discrimination, especially based on national origin, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation or to take part in behaviour that may constitute an act of discrimination.

Due Consideration

The staff shall always give due consideration to ensure that their behaviour and/or actions do not harm or negatively influence the public image of the Vienna Stock Exchange.