Wiener Börse AG pursues a strategy to strengthen its market position not only by achieving improvements in its divisions and core business areas, but also by acquiring new interests.

APCS Power Clearing and Settlement AG

Wiener Börse AG owns a stake of 10% in APCS Power Clearing and Settlement AG, which runs the clearing and settlement process within the Verbund APG control zone as a balance group coordinator. The tasks comprise the administration of the balance groups as regards organization and settlement as well as the calculation and allocation of imbalance energy. Together with the market participants, grid operators and control area managers, the balance group coordinator is responsible for orderly, neutral and anonymous settlement of transactions on the energy market.


CCP.A Central Counterparty Austria GmbH

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB), which acts as a clearing and settlement agency for cash products, and Wiener Börse AG, which acts as exchange operating company and clearing house for derivatives, have founded a joint company which has assumed the function of a central counterparty for the entire stock market of the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1 January 2005.

Central Counterparty Austria GmbH (CCP.A) acts as the responsible central counterparty for the clearing and risk management of all trades concluded on the Vienna Stock Exchange and assumes the counterparty and default risk involved in the clearing and settlement of securities transactions.


CEGH Central European Gas Hub AG

The Central European Gas Hub, a 20% subsidiary of Wiener Börse AG (further shareholders are OMV Gas & Power 65% and the Slovakian Eustream 15%), is one of the most important natural gas trading platforms in Central Europe. It provides international gas companies with a trading platform and operates the Virtual Trading Point in Austria. The Vienna Stock Exchange has a strategic focus on securities trading and also participates in the development of the European energy market through CEGH.

In 2016, CEGH signed an agreement with Powernext SA, which is headquartered in Paris, on the joint development of the Austrian and of the Central and East European gas markets (CEE region).


CISMO Clearing Integrated Services and Market Operations GmbH

Wiener Börse AG holds a 5% share in CISMO, a service provider and shareholding partner for companies that are active in the deregulated European energy and emissions markets. CISMO provides services and know-how in the areas of energy deregulation and market models, delivers the required IT such as clearing, auction, registration, cash settlement and risk management systems. If required, it also founds joint ventures with its customers.

CISMO’s customers include the following companies: the clearing agent for gas (AGCS and A&B) and electricity (APCS), the settlement agent for electricity from renewable source (OeMAG), the electricity exchange EXAA and RIECADO that deals with the auctioning of cross-border transport capacities for energy.


EXAA Energy Exchange Austria

Wiener Börse AG has established an Austrian electricity exchange jointly with a syndicate of electricity producers and electricity trading firms.

EXAA operates in the Austrian APG control area and in four German control areas. Trading in green electricity has been cleared on EXAA for the five control areas since December 2012. Additionally, EXAA is responsible for the settlement of financial transactions (clearing) and assumes counterparty risk for all trades. In December 2015, the national energy regulator, E-Control, named EXAA “Nominated Electricity Market Operator” (NEMO) for the Austrian electricity market along with two other power exchanges.


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