LastChg. % 1DChg. Abs.Date, TimeStatus
9.60000.00%0.000002/16/2023, 13:30:26D
Reference Price49.6000
Bid Size/Ask Size-/-
Number Of Trades1
Last Volume120
Total Value1192

Performance data

Monthly Performance (MOM)-
Year-to-Date (YTD)-
52 Weeks Performance (YOY)-2.04%

Reference data & dividend

Dr.Bock Industries AG is a german holding with subsidiaries in Italy (RGT Italia), Germany (RGT Germany), Ukraine (RGT Ukraine) and Romania (RGT Romania). As full-service-partner we develop and produce garments for european fashion brands. Our main business are trousers which we also wash and dye after manufacturing. The entire group emloyes 1800 people. The annual output is 1,8 Mio. pieces in manufacturing and 8 Mio.pieces in washing/dying.


Trading parameters

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1 Double Counting; Values of "0" or "-" in the presence of a value for "Last" indicate a price without turnover
  Last Volume = number of traded securities of the last trade;
  Total Volume = sum of all traded securities of the last trading day
2 Last 52 weeks (based on close values)
3 Calculated by Vienna Stock Exchange
Generally, reference prices likewise correspond to prices from trades in a security.
  - Reference prices for securities that have been newly admitted to trading shall be determined by the
  exchange operating company.
  - Whenever the exchange operating company receives notice of corporate actions or distributions that
  may influence the price of a security, a reference price is determined for the ex-trading day adjusted
  for the theoretical value of the security.
  Further information on the reference price can be found in the
  Trading Rules for the Xetra® Trading System - § 5 Price Determination and Reference Price.