LastChg. % 1DChg. Abs.
Reference Price41.0000
Bid Size/Ask Size-/-
Number Of Trades1
Last Volume1200
Total Value1200
Market Capitalization44.8 mn

Performance data

Monthly Performance (MOM)0.00%
Year-to-Date (YTD)-1.96%
52 Weeks Performance (YOY)-58.33%

Reference data & dividend

The Aventa AG is an owner-managed group of companies based in Graz/Austria dealing with the planning, realization and brokering of real estate in and around the major conurbations in Austria, with a focus on Eastern Austria. Real Estate assets are generated by the targeted mix of classic Real Estate management methods as well as the conscious use of innovative yield models. In addition to the development of classic residential properties, commercial areas are also being created at selected locations. The Aventa Group was founded in 2011 with the vision of building high-quality housing projects and enabling affordable housing for every need. The declared goal is a modern living concept, long-term value stability and a high quality of life, which, coupled with an excellent price/performance ratio, has long since established the Aventa Group on the market. Other business areas include corporate investments in the real estate sector as well as the holding of selected properties in Austria. Aventa AG integrates investors into projects at an early stage and thus generates synergies throughout the entire project cycle. The experienced management of the Aventa Group relies on a powerful team of currently (as at 11/2020) 42 employees as part of a comprehensive network of real estate professionals. Currently, there are 38 projects of different sizes and different stages of development with a total project volume of about 93,000m2 of usable space in the pipeline, which are to be built mostly by Aventa itself in the coming years. In the future, the establishment or takeover of an executing construction company is planned, in order to take over the implementation of Aventas own construction projects. Furthermore, the establishment of a property management for properties sold to investors, as well as for own and external real estate is planned.


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  Last Volume = number of traded securities of the last trade;
  Total Volume = sum of all traded securities of the last trading day
2 Last 52 weeks (based on close values)
3 Calculated by Vienna Stock Exchange
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