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Invest Global – Buy Local: 71 international bonds join trading on Vienna Stock Exchange today

      • NEW: 12 government bonds, 24 financial bonds and 35 corporate bonds tradable in Vienna
      • Featured: Bonds from A like Allianz to Z like Zement (HeidelbergCement) 

      (Vienna) Today, 71 new international bonds have been added to trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange. This gives domestic investors a wider range of international investment options to choose on their domestic exchange, also in the asset class of bonds. With the liquidity support of the German broker Walter Ludwig Wertpapierhandelsbank, the new bonds will be tradable daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in continuous trading at attractive prices, with the order book being viewable in Wiener Börse Live in real time. The same as for stock trading, the Vienna Stock Exchange continuously monitors trading activity and the price quality of the liquidity providers.

      "Not only stocks, but also bonds should be available to domestic investors for trading at local fees. Therefore, we are enlarging the selection in this asset class as well," said Christoph Boschan, CEO of Wiener Börse AG. "Bonds are traded mostly off the exchange floor. Transparent price information for private investors is often hard to come by. Trading on the stock exchange has many advantages for investors, especially neutrality, trading surveillance and the transparent supply of information."

      The Vienna Stock Exchange – An Attractive Listing Venue for Bonds

      Last year, the exchange recorded the largest number of new corporate bond listings ever on the Viennese marketplace. This has established the Vienna Stock Exchange as an international bond listing venue. As of 26 March 2018, a total of 3,544 bonds were listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange of which 693 were issued by international companies. The majority of the bonds quoted in Vienna are from the financial sector (2,681 bonds) apart from the 544 government bonds and 319 corporate bonds.

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      The Vienna Stock Exchange is the only securities exchange in Austria. It features a modern infrastructure and supplies market data and relevant information.  It offers Austrian companies maximum visibility, high liquidity and utmost transparency. Investors can rely on the smooth and efficient execution of exchange trades. The Vienna Stock Exchange operates a central market datafeed for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and is well established as an expert for the calculation of indices with a reference to the region. Wiener Börse AG, together with its holding company, CEESEG, cooperates with over ten exchanges in CEE and is globally recognized for this unique know-how.

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