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Share turnover remains strong in October 2021

The trend of the current year on the Vienna Stock Exchange continues at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Turnover – generated by our domestic and international trading members – remains at a high level. In October 2021, the Vienna Stock Exchange recorded equity trading volumes of EUR 5.08 billion. This represents a significant increase of 7% compared to October 2020 (EUR 4.75 billion). Year-to-date equity turnover amounted to EUR 60.04 billion. Compared to the strong level of the previous year, this constitutes a further gain of 5.9% (Jan-Oct 2020: EUR 56.69 billion).

Erste Group Bank AG with EUR 854 million, OMV AG with EUR 839 million, and Verbund AG with EUR 479 million top the turnover ranking of Austrian shares.

Details on individual market segments, indices or securities can be found in our monthly statistics. A comparison of European stock exchanges is available in the statistics published by the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE).

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