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Equity turnover stable at a higher level in May 2024

The upward trend in the turnover statistics for trading in domestic and international equities continued last month. In May 2024, the Vienna Stock Exchange recorded an equity trading volume of EUR 5.10 billion. Compared to May 2023 (EUR 4.51 billion), this represents a plus of 13.1%. Year-to-date the trading volume in equities amounted to EUR 24.59 billion.

The most actively traded Austrian stocks last month were OMV AG with EUR 873 million, ahead of Erste Group Bank AG with EUR 864 million and VERBUND AG with EUR 526 million.

Details on individual market segments, indices or securities can be found in our monthly statistics. A comparison of European stock exchanges is available in the statistics published by the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE).

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