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150 years of PORR stocks

  • Federal Chancellor Kurz and Minister of Finance Löger congratulate at the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • On 15 April Wienerberger also celebrates 150 years on the stock exchange

(Vienna) On 8 April 1869, only shortly after the foundation of the "Allgemeine Österreichische Baugesellschaft", investors were able to trade the stocks of today's PORR AG on the Vienna Stock Exchange for the first time. 150 years of stock exchange listing make PORR the oldest stock on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Only one week later, on 15 April 1869, Wienerberger AG, another domestic flagship company, went public on the Vienna Stock Exchange. "PORR and Wienerberger are perfect examples of how companies can develop on the capital market – and how closely growth and the stock market are linked," says Christoph Boschan, CEO of Vienna Stock Exchange. At today's PORR anniversary celebration on the premises of the Vienna Stock Exchange, congratulators, companions and high-ranking representatives from politics and business are expected, including Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Minister of Finance Hartwig Löger.

The decisive factors for a successful life on the stock exchange are, among other things, an active approach to investors and the liquidity of the stock. In recent years, PORR has increased the free float to 46.3% and with this decision has ensured that sufficient stocks are available for trading. With the listing in the prime market, the perception of domestic and international investors could be further increased. Both are important steps that have a bearing on the development of the company and its success on the capital market.

"PORR has not rested on the laurels of the past and has done a great deal to be successful on the capital market. Among other things, the company has carried out several capital increases, successfully placed corporate bonds and carried out stock splits. The company has thus not only historically built a solid foundation for itself on the Vienna Stock Exchange," congratulated CEO Boschan.

PORR and Wienerberger are role models for expanding young companies. No other form of financing brings more capital, visibility and structure to companies than an IPO on the domestic market.

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