What are indications?

Indications of international financial markets are calculated by reputable financial institutions. Indications offer the advantage of covering much longer periods than stock exchange opening hours by calculating the respective index from trades well before and after the official trading hours of the home market. During trading hours on the respective market, real-time index indications replicate an index almost 1:1

What causes differences?

For example, the DAX indication is not only available during the official DAX calculation time from 9:00 to 17:30, but from 8:00 to 22:00. The difference to the previous day shown in the real-time indication refers to the closing price of the indication at 22:00, not to the DAX closing value at 17:30. Since large parts of the widespread stock exchange trading take place after 17:30 Central European Time, the differences between the DAX and DAX indication on the previous day can differ considerably.

Price data on the website of the Vienna Stock Exchange

On wienerborse.at international index indications as well as the Austrian national index ATX are displayed free of charge for all interested users in real-time; all other price data are displayed 15 minutes delayed. With Wiener Börse Live, all quotes can be subscribed inexpensively in real-time.