The euro is the common currency of the European Economic and Monetary Union. It was converted into the national currencies of the member states at historical exchange rates. These fixed conversion rates reflect the value of the euro compared to the previous national currencies.

The following table shows the euro fixed rates, the rates at which the euro was converted into the respective national currencies: 

Euro (EUR) CurrencyConversion rate
DEM (German Mark)1,95583
BEF (Belgian francs)40,3399
EEK (Estonian kroons)15,6466
1IEP (Irish pounds)0,787564
1GRD (Greek drachmas)340,750
1ESP (Spanish pesetas)166,386
1CYP (Cypriot pound)0,585274
1FRF (French francs)6,55957
1ITL (Italian lire)1936,27
1LVL (Latvian lats)0,702804
1LTL (Lithuanian litas)3,45280
1LUF (Luxembourg francs)40,3399
1MTL (Maltese lira)0,429300
1NLG (Dutch guilder)2,20371
1ATS (Austrian schilling)13,7603
1PTE (Portuguese escudos)200,482
1SIT (Slovenian tolar)239,640
1SKK (Slovak koruna)30,1260
1FIM (Finnish markka)5,94573
1HRK (Croatian kuna)7,5345