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Herr Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens, CA IMMOBILIEN ANLAGEN AG
08/23/2018, 13:17:14

CA Immo share moves to all-time high after mid-year results - CFO Dr. Volckens: "announce and deliver"

Mr. Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens (CFO) interviewed by Sebastian Leben B.A.

The CA Immo share jumps after the half-year results 2018 not only to the top of ATX, but also to a new all-time high. CFO Hans Volkert Volckens: "The investors like that we announce and we deliver." In the first half of the year, 8% plus net rental income, 13% EBITDA plus to 79.3 million euros and 13% FFO Plus to 63.2 million euros. This means that half of the guidance of EUR 115 million FFO for 2018 have already been reached. How ambitious is this forecast? And do shareholders already look forward to a nice dividend?


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