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Herr Felix Strohbichler, PALFINGER AG
07/30/2018, 14:50:13

Palfinger: record sales - leap into a new era - virtual glasses for the crane driver

Mr. Felix Strohbichler (CFO) interviewed by Peter Heinrich

"Palfinger always wants to go higher", so the growth continued in the first half of 2018 with a turnover of more than 800 million euros. That is a new record. Consolidated earnings declined by 8.8% from EUR 38.6 to 35.2 million. CFO Felix Strohbichler: "Bigger acquisitions are not planned yet, we have a lot of opportunities to increase our profitability by integrating existing acquisitions and realizing synergies." Virtual glasses for the crane driver: For example in the case of a truck crane for wood, the construction of the crane cab on the truck (with almost 400 KG) can be completely dispensed. In the future, the driver will steer the crane out of the drivers cab using virtual glasses.


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