Stock Exchange Radio: Bull & Bear on Air
Herr Dr. Christoph Boschan, LIMEYARD Ltd.
03/07/2018, 19:37:15

The Vienna Stock Exchange participates in the fintech company LIMEYARD Ltd. and the "index calculation of the next generation"

Mr. Dr. Christoph Boschan (CEO (Wiener Börse)) interviewed by Peter Heinrich

The Swiss fintech company LIMEYARD Ltd. and the Vienna Stock Exchange now combines a joint venture in the field of global index calculation. Whats behind this idea of the next-generation index calculation? As a result, customers of the Vienna Stock Exchange (banks, ETF providers or certificate factories) are served faster and more cost-effectively with tailor-made solutions. LIMEYARD contributes its know-how in index operations to the joint venture and the Vienna Stock Exchange provides the real-time index calculation and data expertise as well as the internationally recognized infrastructure.